Our commitment

Our offer and commitment to students


We invite you to compare the benefits of Ampersand Australia's professional development courses with other training you might be considering.

  • At Ampersand Australia, we are committed to providing world class training and our major focus is catering to the personal and professional needs of each participant.

  • Graduates gain nationally recognized qualifications commensurate with the standards specified by the Psychotherapy and Counselling Federation of Australia (PACFA).

  • Students and graduates are eligible to join the Association of Solution Oriented Counsellors and Hypnotherapists of Australia (ASOCHA) as Associate or Full Members, and participate in its national conference and professional development activities.

  • Diploma participants, when ready, can gain hands on supervised counselling experience through the Bendigo Professional Counselling Group (BPCG).

  • Professional supervision is provided at no cost to students and graduates who are offering their time to counsel clients through the Bendigo Professional Counselling Group.

  • On-campus face-to-face training, as distinct from online or distance education.

  • Ampersand Australia courses focus on clinical competence.

  • Students can access an extensive library of texts, audio, video and DVD recordings, many of which are not available anywhere else in Australia.

  • Participants can repeat any program at a minimal charge.

  • Students have access to free personal therapy during their enrolment in any one year program.

  • Ampersand Australia also creates career opportunities and offers students a variety of avenues to continue their ongoing learning. Students and graduates are able to link with a like minded community through annual national conferences, monthly group supervision evenings and other professional development and networking opportunities.

  • Students enrolled in our Level 2 Solution Oriented Counselling and Level 2 Solution Oriented Hypnosis have opportunity to contribute to and facilitate/supervise student work from the introductory one year programs. This process not only helps the advanced students gain experience in facilitation and supervisory roles, but also assists the students in our introductory diplomas to obtain a first hand, personal perspective on the process of completing assignments, honing the experience of cell group work, maximizing their educational opportunities; and focusing on the process of developing skills related to personal observation and interpersonal effectiveness.

  • Ampersand Australia provides opportunity for students to create and evolve their own career identity, through the publishing and design, implementation and evaluation of training programs to other health professionals.

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Our philosophy


We believe that the educational philosophy of Ampersand Australia provides for training that is of the highest standard for counsellors, psychotherapists and hypnotherapists. To this end, we place a high priority on a skill-based, supervised, continuously monitored and face-to-face training environment.


Our educational priorities hold that a maximal learning experience for students will be fostered in an environment that supports:

  • live demonstrations
  • experiential training that incorporates the tackling of 'real' problems from both a client and practitioner perspective
  • students to gain valuable experience and personal growth from the perspective of a client by evolving their own personal issues in therapeutic / training exercises
  • students to obtain immediate feedback regarding their performance
  • the opportunity for students to immediately process, develop and experiment with their evolving skills, under supervised conditions, with others who can share and develop a common learning experience in a supportive and cohesive group environment.

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