Training facilities

 Ampersand Hall is well situated on the edge of the Bendigo central business district. With public transport nearby, it is close to all the major city services, including restaurants, accommodation and some of Victoria's major tourist attractions.

Located on the corner of Creek and Violet Streets in Bendigo, Ampersand Hall has been thoroughly refurbished to create a spacious professional training facility, with access to modern teaching equipment, separate break-out areas and kitchen facilities. The building is wheelchair accessible.


The impressive double door entrance into the main hall was handmade for the building, using two of the beautiful original doors. These doors now proudly display the Ampersand logo as an etching in their large glass panels.


Completely refurbished, the hall offers a large congenial teaching space measuring some 9 x 13.5 metres with five-metre ceilings, including a low level stage and a large screen for the projection of recorded and real time demonstrations and presentations. There are also two offices and a large remodelled meeting room/kitchen.


The hall comfortably seats several hundred people and can easily manage large numbers for courses run in the Ampersand style. It is equipped with a modern PA system integrating FM and wired microphones, CD, video and DVD players, as well as amplification for musical instruments. All rooms have reverse cycle air conditioning and ducted gas heating (we live in central Victoria, after all).


The hall allows for an enormous flexibility and expansion of training offers to be made to the central Victorian community. As well as targeting to increase the size of our Ampersand programs, we are also looking to import professional expertise to offer new and exciting programs to a growing professional community in the district. Some of these programs will serve as a means for us to give back to a community that has offered us opportunity to develop rewarding and substantial careers and a safe and valued lifestyle for our family.


We are always pleased to hear our clients comment on their experience of the warm, relaxed and supportive ambience they have felt in our hall.


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