Discovering the Art of Effective Counselling

This short course of eight weekly sessions or two full weekends provides a basic introduction to contemporary Solution Oriented Counselling.


This course will interest:

  • Counsellors and therapists looking to enhance the impact and efficacy of their work
  • Those wishing to work or already working in human service areas
  • Those with an interest in counselling
  • Those looking for a more powerful and effective way of relating.

With a strong experiential emphasis, this course allows students to experience a wide range of basic and powerful counselling technique, from both a client and practitioner perspective. Many students choose to continue their learning in the one year program, Level 1: Applied Counselling Psychology - A Solution Oriented Approach.



Course outline 

Lesson One - Mapping the territory

  • Brief Therapy and assumptions about it
  • Client resources
  • Problem definition
  • Degree of difficulty of the problem

Lesson Two - Personality and counselling style


  • Learning more about your own resources
  • Recognizing personal 'hooks'
  • History taking as a counselling tool
  • Processual diagnosis

Lesson Three - Frames of reference (or 'Reading the map')

  • Frames of experience through questioning
  • Memories and experiences in the moment
  • The power of questions and languaging
  • Listening to your listening

Lesson Four - 'What's it like when the problem isn't there? (demonstration)

  • Is problem definition essential?
  • Defining the problem away
  • Defining away from the problem
  • Reframing


Lesson Five - Processual diagnosis

  • Using the client's world map
  • Erickson's 'Utilisation Model'
  • Diagnosing and treating the process

Lesson Six - Powerful ways of speaking

  • Collaborative conversations
  • Presuppositional questioning
  • Generating alternatives for choice
  • Experiencing and delivering suggestions

Lesson Seven - Negotiating a client

  • Distinguishing a customer / complainant / visitor
  • The art of powerful reframing
  • Video demonstration (Dr Lyn Johnson)

Lesson Eight - Closure

  • Helping from a distance
  • Who terminates?
  • Protocols of terminating a relationship

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